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  • Mr.Monon Bankole
    Adjatay Enterprises
    SA Cameroun.

    We have been working closely with LABH GROUP for the past 15 months and have imported goods through them 6 times. We found them to be a very competent, fast and reliable company. When we travelled to India to met them and conducted a quality control trip, they greeted us personally at the airport and we had a board meeting, and was told to pass on many compliments to Labh Group.

  • Mr.Adam Orit
    TCG Beverages

    LABH GROUP team has done excellent work in Turn-key Project execution for our Beverage plant including Technical consultancy, Men Power supply and other services required by us. We are very satisfied with the workmanship supplied by your technicians. They are very proficient and they kept us advised of their progress; even to the point to advising one part would have to be completed the following day, but with no inconvenience to our personnel.

  • Mr.Ivan
    Paramount Confectionery
    Kiev- Ukraine.

    I want to express my appreciation for the attention to detail and flexibility demonstrated by your team during our Candy manufacturing plant project. I was unsure that any company could be successful committing to a turnkey move of that much equipment in such a short span. Particularly when it involved several dollars worth of specialized equipment.

  • Mr.Hermann
    HR Head
    Blentz Construction

    Thanks for the efficient machine. Felt like you really grasped our vision and skillfully brought it to life. And the extra help you gave us familiarizing with the new working, so our production line is as current and fresh as our cuisine! The machine has performed flawlessly since installation and is capable of outperforming the specs that were guaranteed.

  • Mr.Gavin Murphy
    Production Manger
    Felix Associates
    New Zealand.

    We have always found suppliers who claim their machinery to be good, only to fail in the end. LABH has made the promise a reality with the Plastic processing machine we purchased from them and also went beyond our expectations marking the beginning of a long and happy customer/supplier relationship.

  • Ariba
    Home Maker-Bangladesh.

    Many thanks to LABH GLOBAL HEALTHCARE for helping me in carrying out my father’s liver transplant surgery successfully. He is recovering well and happiness returned to our home.

  • Mr.Juan Abbott
    Simon Food Products

    I have always heard of India and Indian food. The GLOBAL INDAIN RESTAURANT website helped to try out Indian food initially. Indian cuisine is my favorite and I keep going to different restaurants to try out the varieties.

  • Mr.Hisham Abu Zinnada
    Salih Enterprise
    Saudi Arabia.

    We reviewed four different Lines of our Paper plant division over a six month period. We graded each machine based on installation, maintenance, and the quality of product that it could produce. Based on our research, LABH was #1 on all accounts. The line has done everything we had hoped. Customers are impressed and prospective accounts are looking at us like they never did before.

  • Mr. Alex Jaime
    Sr. Quality Engineer
    Martin Diary Products

    9. Since the installation we have been very pleased with the product we have been able to produce. LABH individuals are personnel are first class individuals with a great deal of integrity.

News & Events

  • Labh Group is proud to be a major donor for a community program “ LABH GROUP – ALL IZZ WELL” organized by Rotary club for the needy senior citizens.

  • Labh Group is proud to be a major donor for a community program “ LABH GROUP – CHILDREN ADOPTION PROGRAM” organized by Rotary club for the needy government school children.

  • Labh Group has successfully organized a “Blood Donation Camp” recently as a part of its CSR activities.


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